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Matt's Journal
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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
1:15 am
“O, Somnus,
divine repose of all things!
Gentlest of the deities!
Peace to the troubled mind,
from which you drive the cares of life.
Restorer of men's strength
when wearied with the toils of day.”

It ain't workin'.
Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
10:36 pm
I have been praticing my guitar more lately and have been searching for new songs to learn that I would enjoy playing. I came across this:

Outkast's 'Hey Ya'

I want to be that guy.
Friday, August 11th, 2006
11:20 am
Stronger! stronger! grow they all,
Who for Coca-Cola call.
Brighter! brighter! thinkers think,
When they Coca-Cola drink.

-- Coca-Cola advertising slogan, 1896

I don't know why this made me smile so much, but it did.
Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
11:04 am
Punctuation is important.

Million dollar comma.
8:53 am
After writing a rant and deleting it several times, I have decided to put my continuing work frustrations down in haiku.

You pose a question
You frown at my responses
I have work to do
Monday, August 7th, 2006
11:51 am
Unfortunately, those that I work with that may actually read this would not need this info, but anyways:

If you 1) don't have any idea of the technical scope of what is involved and 2) feel the need to voice your 'concern' for no reason I can fathom - I am going to put your concern in the huge stack I am building on my desk that are just like it.

I will not be holding your hand to soothe your concerns. I am not going to change the plan just so you see a change in something figuring it must be better. I am not going to waste time explaining all my decisions.
Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
8:07 am
Fess up. Who drinks this?
I disembarked from the shuttle with a couple of my minions this morning and went into the corner store because they needed to acquire foodstuffs.

While they waited in line I had a moment to browse the beverage fridge. I was hoping to see Sugar-Free Full Throttle, but instead I saw *this*.

This is the definition of Clamato from Wiki : Clamato is a trademark of the Mott's company which denotes a beverage made primarily of reconstituted tomato juice concentrate and reconstituted dried clam broth, with a dash of high fructose corn syrup, and USDA Red 40 to maintain a natural tomato color.

Who needs coffee when you can drink souped up reconstituted dried clam broth?!

Let me tell ya - I do. You can keep your tomato, clam, ginseng and guarana mix.
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
8:20 am
One more note before I start the day in earnest.

One of the fine people who sell me coffee in the morning said that someone there contacted someone involved with the investigation of what went down on Monday (I think she said the coroner or something, I missed it) who said that it was determined that it was a case of a diabetic going into shock, smashing out all the windows and then expiring in the car.

I will now try to fight the cloud of melancholy that is following me around now.
7:44 am
Rockstar, the makers of Grand Theft Auto, Smuggler's Run, and Max Payne have released another game.

Table Tennis.

Just plain ol' ping pong? I anticipate a mod where the players are nude and you are playing with someone eyeballs or something.
Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
9:34 am
Warning! Don't click the link below if you do not want to see pictures of the deceased man from yesterday!

I made a slideshow from the pictures one of my colleagues took.

Again, this is right outside the window on the far end of the room I am trying to work in.

Slideshow of corpse being removed from vehicle.
Monday, July 17th, 2006
7:42 am
Somebody has a case of the Mondays.
I walk in this morning and everyone is standing near one of the large windows facing the street at the far end of the room. I see a red police light blinking.

I ask 'What's going on?', I assume somneone got busted for speeding.

One of them responds 'Dead body.'

I blink. They say 'It's in that car right there, not out on the ground or anything.'

I walk over. They say 'See his foot right there? Man, a foot is not supposed to bend like *that*.'

So yeah. Not really the most positive note to start the week.
Friday, July 14th, 2006
4:21 pm
Stolen from prikaza

This is rad.

VASSAL is a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games. It allows users to play in real time over a live Internet connection (in addition to playing by email). It runs on all platforms, and is free for personal use.
12:36 pm
I have a minute between meetings so I am going to do a quick summary:

At the BART station someone was trying to sell all of us a bicycle that was lying in the sidewalk. I find out later that he started smoking a crack pipe in front of everyone - possibly to deal with the stress of not being able to sell the bicycle to buy more crack.

They had a meeting yesterday to name the conference room near me. It was a female only meeting and they are going to name it after a female since all the other conference rooms are named after males (fair enough, IMO.) When they wrote 'Oprah' up on the white board I sort of went into Mocking Mode and stuck my head in there and noted that it may be wise to choose a deceased female - years ago 'Martha Stewart' may have been a great hero/role model/whatever, and look what happened. They asked me who *I* would suggest and (despite me telling them so beforehand), they hadn't heard of any of them. :( Queen Zenobia (or Xenobia if you prefer), Marilyn von Savant, Grace O'Malley, and so on. After a moment of blank looks I was politely dismissed.

I've been listening to Sleepthief a lot lately. If you like female vocals over electronic music it's worth a listen.
Thursday, June 29th, 2006
6:36 pm
The acoustics are great out here today
I have discussed the topic of people yelling things from moving automobiles at pedestrians. The problem is they are moving so fast that it's very tough to understand, you usually only can hear one portion of the screamed statement, and usually that makes no sense. It comes across like this:

' ... ndsmndnm fiELD MICE YOU HA ha nsdnsnas ... '

This is why I was surprised to hear something very clearly shouted from a car on my morning walk. I distinctly heard 'Get a BIKE!'. I was confused for a moment and turned to see if this was someone I knew making some sort of strange joke.

I turn and see Mr. Segueway Rider zooming past me, pumping his fist in the air, middle finger pointing victoriously skyward.

Second thing of note, I arrive at my stop (which was at Civic Center today) and there is a violin player playing his instrument; he has his case open and a little sign noting it is for donations. He is doing what I can only describe as standing full body convulsions. He is playing notes from low to high across different strings over and over again in no particular rhythm. I am still trying to figure out what that was all about. One thing is for sure - he must burn a lot of calories if he keeps that up all day.
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
7:06 pm
Monday, June 12th, 2006
7:40 am
At the beginning of last week, Wife mentioned she wanted to go camping over the weekend. I said the odds of reserving a capsite at that short of notice was slim to none, but I gave it a shot and failed. She attempted and succeeded. I don't know how she did it, and I am pretty sure I don't want to know, but two words spring to mind; Social. Engineer.

This was also the true test of the new camera I got for her. She has jittery hands and it's always been an issue for photos, and I am pleased to say that optical image stabilization does what I had hoped it would do. Wife was taking pictures like crazy - you know back in the Wild West days, those images of Indians holding onto the side of the horse at full gallop while shooting arrows rapid fire at their enemy? Well, that was Wife...minus the horse and the arrows and the tragic story of trying to defend one's land. What I am trying to say is, I am considering getting a 2 GB memory card to hold all the friggen pictures she takes.

This morning I had to stand near the door on the train. At one of the stops, the door opened and I look out to see a movie theater marquee. I had a very strong urge to just step off the train, wander around that town and watch movies all day. I wonder if it was caused by the proximity of my taking a vacation day next weekend or by the fact that I haven't taken a vacation day in a long time.

Either way, the doors closed and I am here at my desk. How sad.
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
4:40 pm
I don't really think as myself as having the highest value of any human who has ever lived, but I am confident enough in my personal worth to say the following:

To the lady in the silver Honda Civic from this morning : My life is worth more than a pastry. I don't care how delicious it is. So, how about you put the frickin thing down and pay attention to driving instead of missing me by inches while I cross in the crosswalk when the signal tells me to.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I am going to go get a danish myself. I mean, they are yummy.
Monday, May 29th, 2006
10:58 am
We saw it and enjoyed it. It seems that a lot of people on my friend's list saw it also, which prompts me to ask a question:

Am I the *only* one who came across a cartoon clip months ago where people dubbed in their own dialogue and the Juggernaut said 'I'm the Juggernaut, b*^$@!' about a thousand times?

It sure seems to me like they threw that in there as a nod to that. It's all over the place on YouTube if you search the word Juggernaut (warning: it's loaded with profanity.)

Edit: Due to requests, here is the Juggernaut link.
Thursday, May 25th, 2006
9:52 pm
I got on the train and then got off at Rockridge to catch the trailing one hoping to get an empty seat. I was able to grab one of many open seats - the one I grabbed had someone immediately next to it with an MP3 player and a bag of Cheetos. I was deep into my book but still could not ignore the aromatic cheesy assault of that open bag of extreme Cheetos.

He crumples up the bag and puts it in his satchel. He is trying to figure out how to turn up his music. I notice all this by staring at the floor and focusing on my peripheral vision (I used to practice this a lot for sparring, I still do sometimes.)

At this point he start bobbing his head intensly to the music but still has an orangey colored thumb. He is trying to turn up the music without getting cheese powder on his MP3 player. The song picks up and he starts moving his body to the rhythm and he is holding his thumb out in some weird cheese hitchiking position.

I note him trying to figure out how to turn it up without defiling the device and I wonder what he is thinking. The phrase that pops into my head is 'Man, this artificial cheese powder is seriously interfering with my desire to *get down* to this.'

He eventually brushes enough powder off his thumb enough to turn it up (why he didn't figure it out with his other hand I have no idea) and remains seriously bobbing his head for the rest of my ride - almost as if he was daring someone to question his commitment to his choice of music.

After I left, I was approaching the escalator and there was a mother and her daughter in a stroller at the top waiting, not even attempting to ride to the lower level. The daughter held up her tiny hand and said 'Bye bye, train!' and I chuckled. I don't say goodbye to many inanimate objects and could tally off the ones in the past year where I have - they have emotional impact to me. I wonder if that train had such a big emotional impact to the daughter that she was impelled to or if she hasn't discovered that you have to limit your conversation with inanimate objects with only certain exceptions.
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
8:44 am
To sleep, perchance to .. um .. huh?!
I couldn't sleep last night. My mind was wandering all over the place and wandered to the MST3K movie I watched the other night. It then wandered to other horrible movies I have seen and this slice of agony jumped in there. Before you click it, let me warn you : it's that movie that Vanilla Ice made in the early 90s. The tagline is "When a girl has a heart of stone, there's only one way to melt it. Just add Ice."

I IMDB it this morning to see what he is up to. He evidently was involved in a knockoff of The Matrix last year called The Helix... Loaded - and yes, it has those three dots in the title. Plot outline : "When "The One" dies, Orpheum must find the "Other One.""

My question is, what the heck is the matter with me? Why can't I go back to the sweet sweet bliss of staring at the ceiling worrying about debt and health and normal human stresses instead of having my psyche blast me with Vanilla frickin' Ice until the wee hours.
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